CWD Rules

Ohio and many other states have implemented rules about transport of deer, elk etc. that may be infected with the Chronic Wasting Disease virus. 

Unfortunately it will likely be a nationwide rule in the near future. At this time it is illegal to bring any brain or spinal tissue into Ohio. This means that you need to skin your trophy and cut the skull cap off and remove any brain matter from the cavity. 

Below you will find two short video’s that will show you the basics of getting the head skinned off the skull properly. We had to shorten and lower the video quality to meet current hosting standards; we do have a higher quality version that can be burned to a DVD if needed. 

We do not have a video at this moment for cutting the skull cap off, we will make one shortly. Until then, just imagine the look of a set of antlers you have probably seen in the past and cut accordingly. Cutting crossways between the eye socket and antler burr saw down at a slight angle toward the back of the skull, deep enough that a cut from the back of the head toward the nose will intersect this cut. 

After the first cut is done, stand the skull up on the nose; place the saw far enough down on the back of the head that the cut will head toward the middle of the eye socket, passing below the antler burrs. If the skull is too thick it can be trimmed again later.


Deer Caping Part 1

Deer Caping Part 2

Cutting the Skull Cap

This is actually after the skull cap has been cut off, but you will see the proper location and angles to cut. You can cut it with a bone/meat saw or reciprocating saw. Make the cut down on top of the forehead first, and then stand the skull up on its nose so you can cut from the back of the skull, straight down, under the antler bases and join the first cut. The second cut will be easier if you trim most of the meat from the skull first. It is important to clean the brain cavity out completely.